Town History

Find information on the history of the Town of Coalhurst, including key historical dates, events and personalities.

On the morning of December 9, 1935, Coalhurst was a thriving coal-mining town of 1,200 people. On that day, shortly after 4:30, tragedy struck in the form of a major mine disaster resulting in the death of 16 miners. In the aftermath of the tragedy, the mine was subsequently closed — a development that would take the Town 40 years to overcome. In the years that followed, businesses and residents left, leaving a virtual ghost town that was unincorporated — reverting to hamlet status. At its lowest point, only a mere handful of residents remained. Then, in the 1970s, there was renewed interest in the area as people sought a quiet place to live, away from the city but close enough to enjoy all the benefits of city life. Coalhurst was the ideal place.

Reincorporated in 1979, today Coalhurst is a small, residential community where residents enjoy the amenities of large-city living in a place that, in the words of Mayor Dennis Cassie, “…today shines on the prairie of Southern Alberta as a dynamic and growing community.”

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