Licensing & Permits

This section includes a list of required licenses and permits, application rules and procedures, downloadable forms, and contact information.

Development Permits

In the Town of Coalhurst, a development permit is required for all buildings that are to be situated on a permanent foundation. Development permit applications can be picked up Monday to Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at the Town Office.  For more information, please visit the Planning and Development section of the website. Other permits which may be required include a gas/heating permit, an electrical permit, or a plumbing permit.  Fees effective April 1, 2013 permit fees  All fees may be subject to change without notice so please verify all fees with the Town Development Officer.


Building Permit Forms
Permit Application – Building
Permit Application – Electrical
Permit Application – Gas
Permit Application – Plumbing
Permit Application – Private Sewage Disposal

Fire Permits

A fire permit is required for all fires except for the following circumstances:

  • the cooking of food in a propane, natural gas or charcoal barbecuing appliance or on a propane, naphtha or natural gas camping stove;
  • recreational burning, or the cooking of food in or on acceptable fire pits and acceptable fireplaces, provided:
    • only clean fuel such as natural gas, dry wood or charcoal is used in amounts which will be contained within the fire pit or fireplace below the mesh screen;
    • the fire pit or fireplace is not used to burn prohibited debris;
    • a means of controlling or extinguishing the fire, acceptable tot he Fire Chief, is available on the property and within a reasonable distance of the fire pit or fireplace; and,
    • a responsible adult attends the fire at all times.

An Application for a Fire Permit [PDF] should be made to the fire chief and can be picked up at the Town Office or from the fire chief directly. All burning must be conducted according to the conditions cited in the permit.

Fines for a breach of the Fire Bylaw begin at $250, to a maximum of $10,000.

Residents planning to do any burning should also review the following:


No person shall have in his or her possession, sell, offer for sale, give away, or otherwise distribute, discharge, fire, or set off fireworks within the boundaries of the Town of Coalhurst.

Fines for a breach of the Fire Bylaw begin at $250, to a maximum of $10,000.

Dog License

Dog control issues or questions should be directed to the Community Peace Officers at 1-844-645-2635.

Dog Control By-Law 379-15

All dog owners in the Town of Coalhurst must be aware that there are penalties for violations of the Dog Control Bylaw.

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