Public Notices

Council Update

The Council of the Town of Coalhurst has been in contact with Alberta Transportation in regards to signage and temporary illumination at the intersection of Highway No. 25 and Township Road 9-2 (the new alternate access road).

Alberta Transportation has advised that, in accordance with their guidelines and, until the intersection upgrade is completed, additional signage will not be possible and suggesting that, in the interim, use of the further north access, which has a left turn bay, should be encouraged for use.

Further, in regards to temporary illumination at the intersection, Alberta Transportation has determined that existing Alberta Transportation owned appurtenances could not be leveraged for temporary lighting. Improvements will take place when the intersection upgrades are completed.

Motorists are asked to drive to the conditions and exercise good judgement while abiding by the rules of the road.

Coalhurst Town Council

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Official Election Results

Please see the following link for details for the official election results: results municipal by-election feb 22 2018 town of coalhurst

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Unofficial Results for 2018 Municipal By-Election

Click link for results:  Unofficial Results, 2018

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Depositing Snow onto Road

Coaldale & District Municipal Enforcement would like to remind all Coalhurst residents that depositing snow and/or ice from their property on to any roadway, alley, sidewalk, or boulevard within the Town is prohibited.

Any resident who willingly places snow and/or ice on to any roadway, alley, sidewalk, or boulevard is liable to receive a bylaw fine under the Traffic Bylaw, Section 21.

*Please note that a fine under this bylaw is $100*


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Candidates Forum



Moderator: Alison Arneson

Place: Coalhurst Community Centre

527 – 50 Avenue

Date:  Monday, February 12, 2018

Time: 7:00 p.m.


Elizabeth Christensen

Colin A. Emerson

John Guliker



Come out and meet the candidates, ask your questions, hear their views and make a more informed decision on who to vote for.


 Make your vote count!

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Notice of By-Election

Click on link to see the official Notice of By-Election:  Notice of By-Election 2018

Residents of Coalhurst, make your vote count!

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Official Candidates Nomination Information

Click link to view official notice of Candidate Nomination Information: Candidates Nomination Information

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2018 Water/Sewer/Waste Management/Storm Sewer Rates

The Council of the Town of Coalhurst review the water, sewer, waste management, and storm sewer rates annually and set them accordingly to reflect the cost of providing these services.

For 2018, Council has approved no increase to the water, sewer and waste management rates. The storm sewer monthly rate will be increased by $0.45.  To promote water conservation, the cubic meters allowed per month for water will be decreased from 22 cubic meters to 20 cubic meters.

These new rates will be effective February 1, 2018.

 Monthly residential water/sewer/waste management/storm sewer rates for Town of Coalhurst residential customers effective February 1st, 2018 will be:

Basic water rate – $39.75 for the first 20.0 cubic meters – or portion thereof – plus $1.75 for each additional 1.0 cubic meter used over 20.0 cubic meters

Flat sewer rate – $37.30

Flat garbage rate – $18.90

Senior’s flat garbage rate – $9.45

Storm sewer rate – $5.50

Monthly commercial water/sewer/waste management/storm sewer rates for Town of Coalhurst customers effective February 1st, 2018 will be:

Basic water rate – $50.40 for the first 20.0 cubic meters – or portion thereof – plus $1.75 for each additional 1.0 cubic meter used over 20.0 cubic meters.

Flat sewer rate – $37.30

Flat garbage rate – $18.90 – 95 Gallon Bin/$37.80 – 300 Gallon Bin

Storm sewer rate – $5.50

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2018 License Renewals

The Town of Coalhurst Business License and Dog License renewal invoices were mailed out the beginning of January, 2018. 2018 licenses are due and payable upon receipt.  If you have not received your 2018 invoice, please contact the Town Office at 403-381-3033.  Community Peace Officers will be following up on unpaid licenses and fines may be handed out for noncompliance.

If you no longer require your license, please make sure to notify the Town Office so our files can be updated accordingly.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

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Snow Removal

” Now that the snow has stopped, all residents are reminded of the need to clear the sidewalks in front of their homes and businesses of snow and ice. Let’s all work together to reduce walking hazards on the sidewalks.” 

Thanks for your cooperation.

Coaldale & District Municipal Enforcement

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