Town Planning & Vision

Find a vision statement that defines the Town of Coalhurst’s goals as a community.

Through a vision planning session held on November 29, 2010, hosted by Deb Berg — Alberta Culture and Community Spirit, Town Council adopted the following vision for the Town of Coalhurst:

The municipal council of the Town of Coalhurst envisions that their community, in 2025, is a model community in Alberta with the following attributes:

  • Coalhurst is a safe community of fewer than 5,000 people that enjoys diverse and sustainable growth based on social, economic and environmental pillars.
  • Coalhurst has safe access that provides connectivity and alternative transportation for its citizens.
  • The Town of Coalhurst, together with its citizens, creates an aesthetically pleasing community incorporating multi-use green spaces and community paths.
  • Coalhurst has a thriving, well-developed business centre to serve residents, attract visitors and act as a community hub.
  • A sustainable commercial and industrial area attracts businesses within the Town providing an increased and diversified tax base and jobs.
  • Our community has public facilities that provide all our citizens with quality municipal services and opportunities for recreation and healthy living.
  • Coalhurst is a diversified community which offers desirable housing options for seniors, students and families.
  • With strategic partnerships, Coalhurst offers quality education and learning experiences.

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