Barb Edgecombe-Green

  • Member of Council by acclamation 2013
  • Member of Council by acclamation 2017

Barb is a registered nurse/midwife who trained, supervised and taught midwifery in the UK for 10 years prior to immigrating to Canada in 1971. Since then, Barb’s accomplishments have been many.

Barb previously served 9 years as councillor and 9 years as Mayor for the Town of Coalhurst and sat on various Committees and Boards.  During her absence from Town Council Barb has remained active as a member of the Disaster Services Committee and the MRSD.

As Councillor and Mayor, Barb, along with the council of the time, was responsible, amongst other things, for managing during times of fiscal cut backs and reorganization; successfully negotiating with the County for the first annexation, and with the City of Lethbridge and the Water Commission for transference of the water and decommissioning of the water plant at the River bottom after the flood of 1996. Athough unable to resolve the intersection issue with Alberta Transportation or reduce the highway speed, she was responsible for the addition of extra length to the run-in in lanes on both the east and west sides of the intersection.

Semi-retired, Barb still practices independently as an RN, doing Insurance Medicals, and as a professional equestrian coach teaching adults and children the art of horse riding.

A single lady, Barb lives happily in Coalhurst with her two dogs and a cat and looks forward to continuing to serve theTown, which has been so good to her over the years, as your representative on Town Council.

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