Town Administration

Find information on the Town of Coalhurst’s administrative officials, including their biographical and contact information.

The mission statement of the Town staff is:

We exist to serve our customers. We do this with integrity by being open, responsive, and fiscally accountable; dedicated to providing services leading to a healthy, well-planned and economically vibrant community.

Our service principles are:

  • we  listen
  • our services are prompt, reliable and cost-effective
  • we continually strive to improve the quality of everything we do
  • we communicate openly and act with integrity and accountability
  • we display a courteous and considerate attitude in all of our activities
  • we believe in the competence of all staff, empowering them to make effective and proactive decisions
  • we ensure our amenities are well-maintained and welcoming to all
  • we relate to each other in a cooperative manner

The Town of Coalhurst’s administrative team includes:

R.K. (Kim) Hauta, Chief Administrative Officer

Kim directs the overall planning, coordinating and control of all Town of Coalhurst operations, including finances, correspondence, preparation of bylaws, personnel, the Commissioner of Oaths and Returning Officer, in addition to overseeing general operations.

Kevin Lewis, Director of Operations

Kevin’s responsibilities include overseeing all public works/parks staff and projects, maintenance of facilities and equipment budgeting, financial management, water and sewer facilities, and waste management/recycling

Kyle Bullock, Director of Corporate Services

Kyle is responsible for the Town’s financial operations, including property tax collection, human resource administration, budget preparation and analysis, and assistance with the annual audit.

Recreation Coordinator

The Recreation Coordinator is responsible for organizing and coordinating recreational, cultural events and activities in the Town of Coalhurst.

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