In this section, find out more about the role of your local government, your Town Council, committees and boards, town administration and town finances, in addition to links to public reports and publications.

Role of Local Government

Find information on the nature and role of local government in your community.

Town Council

Find information on your local elected leaders, including biographical and contact information for the town’s Mayor and Councilors.

Message from the Mayor

Find a welcome message from the Mayor of Coalhurst.

Town of Coalhurst Planning & Vision

Find a vision statement that defines the Town of Coalhurst’s goals as a community.

Council Philosophy

Find a general statement that defines the Town of Coalhurst Council’s approach to governance and transparency.

Town Council Minutes

Download minutes from the Town Council meetings, ordered by date below beginning with the most recent meeting.

Committees & Boards

Find information on the Town of Coalhurst’s committees and boards, including their members, their responsibilities and their activities.

Bylaws and Policies

Find information on the bylaws and official policies passed by the Town of Coalhurst.

Town Administration

Find information on the Town of Coalhurst’s administrative officials, including their biographical and contact information.

Job & Volunteer Opportunities

Find information on job and volunteer opportunities — both in the Town of Coalhurst, as an organization and the greater Coalhurst community.

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