Licenses & Permits

Find information on business licenses and permits in the Town of Coalhurst, including a list of required licenses and permits, application rules and procedures, forms and contact information.

Most businesses operating within the Town of Coalhurst require a valid business license. A business includes every trade, profession, industry, occupation, employment or calling and activity for the provision of goods and services.

Business Licenses are required for:

  • offices, stores, industries
  • contractors and subcontractors ― both residential and non-residential
  • door-to-door salespersons
  • home-based party sales
  • home-based occupations, or businesses owned by the occupant of a home (and operated from that home), including:
    • contractors with a desk, telephone, and vehicle at their residence, but who conduct their business elsewhere
    • occupations that include workshops, storage areas, or other facilities to accommodate customers at the home
  • transient and temporary shows and sales
  • corn, fruit, and fish trucks


Provincial legislation exempts some businesses from requiring a Town Business License. Businesses not requiring a Town Business License include professional offices for doctors, dentists, engineers, surveyors (architects), and insurance sales.

Application Procedure

Business license application forms may be picked up at the Town Office. Business license applications must be made in writing to the development officer, signed by the applicant and accompanied by the appropriate application fee. Download the application Coalhurst Home Occupation Application or pick up a copy from the Town Office. Before issuing a license, the Town of Coalhurst will ensure the business has obtained all necessary municipal approvals.


Examples of some Town Business License fees include:

  • Home-based occupation/business: $25/year
  • Business in commercial location:
    • Coalhurst property owners/residents*: $75/year
    • Non-property owners/non-residents: $200/year
  • Contractors/sub-trades: $100/year
  • Hawker or peddler:
    • Residents: $25/year
    • Non-residents: $25/day; $100/year

* A resident is someone who currently resides in the Town of Coalhurst.


The Municipal Government Act gives Town Council the authority to control, regulate, and license all business conducted in the municipality, whether or not there is a business premises in the Town. Violation of the Business BY-LAW #393-17 [PDF], including non-payment of any fee, is an offence subject to a maximum fine in accordance to the Bylaw.

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