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April 12, 2016 News Update

Lethbridge Corridor Victim Services insert   Lethbridge Corridor Victim Services


Lethbridge Corridor Victim Services (LCVS) serves the communities of Lethbridge Rural, Coaldale, Milk River, Picture Butte and Raymond; receiving referrals from the local RCMP detachments and community organizations. Our role is to alleviate the impact of crime, tragedy and misfortune on its victims. At the time of the incident, we provide a listening ear, comfort and reassurance either by phone or in person; in the victim’s home, hospital or local detachment. A follow up consultation is provided when necessary to determine what further information or support the victim requires.

We provide resource material and information on Solicitor General and Public Security Programs available to victims of crime, such as Financial Benefits, Victim Impact Statement, and Requesting Restitution Programs. When victims want information about their case, we liaise with those handling the police file to promptly answer questions.

We are LOOKING for caring, dedicated people (known as Advocates); who are needed to provide front line support, information and referrals to victims, families and others affected by crime or tragedy. We are looking for volunteers who share our genuine desire to help others in a time of crisis and who have strong communication skills including the need to maintain confidentiality.

Advocates are trained in many areas including victim rights, crisis intervention, communication, police procedure, court orientation, police procedure, court orientation and Solicitor General and Public Security Certification through e-learning and face to face training opportunities. This service, providing 24 hour assistance, is delivered by responding to crisis calls received by the RCMP. Advocates work closely with the RCMP and require a high level of security clearance.

For more information on volunteering, contact the Victim Services Program Manager at 403-329-5042.

Lethbridge corridor victims services unit

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