2013 Census

Commencing May 21, 2013 Census Workers, hired by the Town of Coalhurst, will be knocking on all the doors in Town asking for information related to the number of people residing in each residence. Prior to starting their work, the Census Workers will take an Oath of Confidentiality and all information collected will be kept confidential and used only for the production of aggregated statistics. All responses will remain anonymous – names will not be associated with the questionnaire responses. Protection of privacy is guaranteed under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. All Census Workers will be wearing official identification. 

The job of the Census Worker is very important.  Your full cooperation and courtesy would be most appreciated. The information requested is essential for completing a successful census.

No personal information will be collected as this is a numbers count only.  You will only be asked one question – “What is the number of usual residents contained in this dwelling on May 21, 2013?  A couple minutes of your time to answer this one questions will benefit the Town.  Thanks again to all residents for your cooperation.

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