CES Kindergarten Fundraiser

Once again the students are hard at work and that means that the kindergarten needs toys, equipment and field experiences.   How does the kindergarten program pay for these things?  With a fundraiser, of course! 

From November 7-26 we will be taking orders for fresh bacon $47.00 (5kg), Chicken Fingers $58.00 (4kg), Swedish Meatballs $57.00 (4kg), Chicken Cordon Swiss $70.00 (30 pcs).  Order forms are available at the school, and on our CES website. Place your order soon and support the kindergarten children in your community.   Thanks for your help.

Here is a link for an order form  www.coalhurstelementaryschool.ca/Documents.php?df_id=939 

Please visit us online at http://www.coalhurstelementaryschool.ca

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