Children’s History Book of Coalhurst

Call for Presenters – Children’s History Book of Coalhurst – We need guest speakers….

 Have you lived in the Coalhurst area for decades? Do you know someone who knows stories of the mine? The hotel? The bank? The old schools? We want to hear these stories.  “Moving Forward with the Past – 100 Years of Coalhurst History” is a collaborative project that will bring together Coalhurst Elementary School students and members of our community.  Our town will celebrate its centennial in 2013.  In honor of this milestone, 1-2 L and 5-6 H will work together to gather stories about daily life through the decades. Our goal is to engage students by providing them with an opportunity to learn history through personal contact with long standing members of our community.  If you are interested in telling us your stories, please contact Emma Lenz by e-mail or by leaving a phone message with your name and the era you’d like to share about  –  Coalhurst Elementary School – 403-381-3330.

An online blog will allow students and other members of the community to engage in moderated online dialogues about the stories that are shared. Check out this blog in the coming months to read some of the interviews and check the progress of the project.

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